[vlc-devel] Lua extension and vlc.misc

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 03:29:26 CET 2012

Upon closer inspection, I think there is a way to get this working without
relying on polling anymore.  I'll need to start by using "item:uri()" to
distinguish a stream from a local file.  I'll then use
"item.is_preparsed()" to ignore the first few metadata events.  In the case
of streams, I'll then use the "now_playing" metadata string when it becomes
filled.  I'll modify my MC script over the coming days and I'll let you
know of the outcome after the testing phase.

Right now, I just want to stress to you guys that "vlc.misc.cachedir()" (or
"vlc.config.cachedir()") and "vlc.misc.version()" (or JB's
"minimum_version" variable) *must* return in VLC v2.0.1.  Please don't do
something crazy like withholding these changes until next year's VLC v2.6
series!  I say that because it seemed to take an eternity to get you guys
to roll-out this bug fix <http://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/5040>.  It
was apparently considered to be a "feature request" instead of a "bug fix"
for some reason.

By the way, I was surprised to discover that "item.is_preparsed()" requires
'item' as an argument.  It seems a bit unnecessary that I should have to
call "item.is_preparsed(item)".  Additionally, this contradicts what's
listed in the online VLC Lua
it seems to suggest that this function requires no arguments.  Maybe
you guys had a reason for making the argument mandatory; I just thought I
should bring this to your attention in case it was unplanned.
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