[vlc-devel] [Asso] Update on the VLC project

Ludovic Fauvet etix at videolan.org
Thu May 3 17:15:11 CEST 2012

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 5:10 PM, Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb at videolan.org> wrote:
> To not help this fact, the tone on this mailing list and on IRC are not
> correct. I have made this remarks quite a few time, in public and in
> private, to MULTIPLE persons, but we have to go beyond that, since the
> message did not go through.
> Let me remind you of a few unacceptable actions:
>  - insults on mailing list operated by VideoLAN,
>  - insults on public IRC channels operated by VideoLAN,
>  - forwarding a private conversation to a public mailing list (videolan@
>     and asso@ are private)
>  - IRL insults and phyiscal fights,
>  - any false accusation, or slander,
>  - any kind of threats,
>  - ad hominem attacks,
>  - blackmail,
>  - insults on forum, wiki, trac and other web services.
> Let me remind you of a few unwanted actions:
>  - commits and reverts wars,
>  - threats of revert wars,
>  - rejection of other code without explanation,
>  - rejection of other code with bunky explanation,
>  - modification of our dev infrastructure without notification or
>   with explicit disapproval,
>  - commit with explicit disapproval from other core members.
>  - shouting fights,
>  - fights about some bikeshedding,
>  - abuse of op rights on IRC.
> The tone on the repositories has been mostly fine, lately, with no
> commits wars nor pushing of very discutable piece of code.
> In order to avoid the same situation we've been into, I suggest a few
> things:
>  - the creation of a technical arbitration committee, to avoid the
>   YES/NO discussions, and whose decision will be final, like Debian or
>   Rockbox,
>  - a set of sanctions scale,
>  - a review of those sanctions at our next meeting in Talinn and
>   modification of Rules of Household, in consequence.
>  - application of sanctions on this current situation.
> Possible sanctions we have, on the scale:
>  - Ban of mailing lists,
>  - Ban of IRC channels,
>  - Removal of commits rights,
>  - Removal of non-profit rights, including travel and hardware donation,
>   or dev program access,
>  - Ban of dev machines access.
> All of them can be temporary or definitive, depending on the issue.
> Temporary sanctions should be automatic, in case of violation of the rules.
> Recidive would increase the length of the ban.
> Definitive sanctions should be voted at the next assembly.
> Complaints should be done as soon as possible to abuse at videolan.org or
> asso@
> About the current situation, here is what I suggest (from suggestions):
>  - Public excuse of behaviour of Rafaël on the mailing list,
>  - Private excuse for insults on the mean of communication involved,
>   by everyone who did those (last count was 5 people),
>  - 1 day ban of Rémi, Rafaël and the other people from IRC channel for
>   insults,
>  - 1 week removal of commit access for Rafaël,
>  - Warn Rafaël and other protagonists that any redo or teasing will create
>   an immediate stronger sanction,
>  - Vote at the next meeting to enforce any sanctions in a more permanent
>   way or take another set of sanction (including but not limited to the
>   debarment of individuals from the association or the project).
> As Laurent suggested, complete removal of git rights should be kept only
> when commits are screwed up, which is not the case here.
> Hoping that this could set a better way to work together...

Can't agree more.

Best regards,
-- Ludovic Fauvet

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