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Fri May 4 11:02:05 CEST 2012

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On Fri, May 04, 2012 at 09:21:50AM +0300, Ilkka Ollakka wrote :
> On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 09:53:00PM +0200, Pierre Ynard wrote:
> > >  - ad hominem attacks,
> > These are way too vague. Many negociations or declarations or intent
> > could be construed as threats. Criticism of a behavior could be
> > construed as an ad hominem attack. Let's get real, only the care bears
> > manage to achieve an environment that is devoid of threats.
> If someone really criticises people so that it fill ad hominem, then
> they're just trolling and doing it usually intentionally. Usually it's not so
> hard really to notice the difference.
> > As you and I just agreed upon, the technical decision process is the
> > least of our problems. A technical arbitration committee wouldn't
> > help with the lack of orientation for PR/legal action, the lack of
> > orientation for technical developement, the lack of roadmap, the lack of
> > orientation for fostering our third-party developer community, and the
> > lack of management of personal (as in, not technical) conflicts.
> I have to agree with j-b in here, I think there's quite a lot of
> PR/legal stuff done. For roadmap I think it is enough that people talk
> in vdd/irc/in person about what they are going to focus next/what would
> be nice etc.
> > >  - 1 day ban of Rémi, Rafaël and the other people from IRC channel for
> > >    insults,
> > >  - 1 week removal of commit access for Rafaël,
> > 1 day, 1 week??? This is nothing but a symbolic sanction. And that day
> > and week will be over very soon and we'll be back to the same situation.
> I think it is good that there is some sanction, even if symbolic. There
> is also this concept of retroactive law that suits here as there weren't
> clear rules on behaviour and sanctions before and would harder sanctions
> help at all? What sanctions would you have preferred or be satisfied
> with?
> > been productive. j-b, apart from going over the state of the project and
> > suggesting the technical committee, what you said is all obvious stuff
> > that goes without saying.
> Yes, like acting civilized goes without saying and all that goes without
> saying like we have witnessed? Most of the times it is good to say stuff
> that 'goes without saying' out loud.
> > Also, while I greatly welcome new participants to this discussion to
> > give their opinion, seeing as first replies Ludovic and Felix magically
> > popping out of nowhere to one-up you is a bit pathetic, as they were
> > sure enough by your side while you were writing these guidelines...
> People shouldn't support ideas that they were part of generating? Not
> that I have that much idea if and how much they did participate on
> creating those guidelines. You would have preferred that all would go
> with this grumpy mode and would be against every small detail until
> bitter end?
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