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Karlheinz Wohlmuth kwohl at myopera.com
Thu May 17 18:57:26 CEST 2012


On May 15, 2012, at 9:16 PM, David Fuhrmann wrote:

> Hello,
> Yeah, I already thought that the issue could be something like that. Thanks for fixing, now it works on my setup.
> While the plugin seems to work somehow, they are a few problems I discovered: In some situations, an additional old item notification is followed by the new item notification, when the new one begins to play. Furthermore, I got a message while quitting.

yes, i saw that too. Did that not happen with the original code?

> At last, I just ran into the sort of crash Remi referred to. VLC does not crash every time a playlist item changes, I discovered the crash when there was only one item visible in the playlist.
> Perhaps its a stupid question, but could it be possible to work around the problem by delaying the problematic part with performSelector(OnThread) or something like that?

If you mean delaying the call to playlist_CurrentInput() until its safe, i don't know if that would work.

Attached is a patch that follows the recommendation made by Rémi Denis-Courmont in the first mail in this thread. It removes the item-change callback as well as some checks for the remaining item-current callback (otherwise no notifications would be shown). I tested it with some local files and it seems to work. One ramification from the removed input_item_IsPreparsed() check is that files opened directly from Finder only show the filename instead of the metadata. Since i am not familiar with the VLC codebase, it might introduce other problems.

Thanks for applying the patch, i also see that you back-ported it. There are two strings marked as translatable that previously were not ("VLC media player" and "New input playing"). Could that cause problems?

Best regards
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