[vlc-devel] how to include qtnetwork in cross compilation

Olivier Teuliere ipkiss at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 23:43:43 CET 2013


On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 8:41 AM, fayyaz lodhi <fayyazkl at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is probably because when building qt during cross compilation
> i.e. in contrib/win32, after doing make prebuilt
> i make qt4 i.e. make .qt4.
> There should be a way to specify including QNetwork here. I failed to find
> it. Can some one help please?

I did something like that some time ago. The QtNetwork lib is already
built, so you simply need to add "Network" after "Core" and "Gui" in
contrib/src/qt4/rules.mak, in the "INSTALLING PKGCONFIG FILES"
section. Of course, you also need a QtNetwork.pc.in file (copy and
adapt QtGui.pc.in).

You also need to disable OpenSSL support explicitly, otherwise linking
with libQtNetwork.a fails with unresolved symbols. One way to do that
is to add QT_NO_OPENSSL to the src/network/network.pro file (since the
file is extracted from the qt package, the best is to create a new
patch for that and to reference it in rules.mak like the other ones).


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