[vlc-devel] seek help about vlc media player: the subtitle cann't display in real time when skip forward

赵俊杰 zhaojunjie at funshion.com
Mon Nov 4 11:38:14 CET 2013

Hello, everyone:
    I encounter a problem when using vlc media palyer, here is the problem describtion:

I have a video file and its’s subtitle file(1.mkv & 1.ass  the problem will appear for any video with external subtitle)

1.       when play the mkv file in continuous mode , the subtitle can display normally

but, when press fast-forward/fast-backward button or skip, the subtitle cann’t display in real time.

It seems to have a 1~2s delay.

More info: when skip to the new time point, if someone is talking at this point, the words(subtitle) will not display;  if someone begin to talk at this point, the words will display in time.

I don’t know weather it’s a bug or not.

2.       when I press pause button, and then press fast-forward/fast-backward button or skip, the subtitle doesn’t display;

I’d like to know if there is anyone here that is both capable and willing to answer these questiones.
Feel free to contact me, Thanks!
Junjie Zhao

Junjie Zhao
QQ: 626328114
Tel: +86 15652867935
Email:zhaojunjie at funshion.com<mailto:zhaojunjie at funshion.com>   zjj1209354 at sina.com<mailto:zjj1209354 at sina.com>

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