[vlc-devel] [PATCH] DPI-awareness - new patchset

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Sun Nov 9 13:21:10 CET 2014

Le 09/11/2014 09:15, Jarrad Whitaker a écrit :
> / <=66 / <=100 / <inf respectively), and changed the native volume 
> slider to use the same maximum as the default one (currently it
> looks like the slider is hardcoded to max out at 200 whereas the
> default uses your platform's max if available).

If you start changing volume values you'll get in trouble here.

I don't see where the rounded corners are drawn in the non bitmap version.

> 3: SVG icons for most of the toolbar (all of the default buttons
> in the standard and adv. toolbars), and a tiny script (requires
> inkscape in your $PATH) to use these to generate 128px PNGs

No way to require inkscape. At least there's rsvg, but we don't want
to add another requirement (pre build or QtSVG at runtime) just for
icons that needs to be rendered once. Bitmaps must exist. svg
mandatory as source. Another reasons: see PNG comments.

SVG must be:
* Cleaned
* Compressed (and we don't want git to track metadata changes each
time a different editor is used).
* Aligned to a grid for lowest resolution rendering without blurring.
(see current ones)

That's not the way to include them in Qt. Qt has to pick the
alternative matching the density. We don't want to change reference to
bitmaps in code each time we introduce a higher density.
See @2x naming.

> Currently I have VLC using the 128px png icons as SVG support is
> not compiled in your build routine and I lack the skillz to get it
> in there, however I would propose the SVG icons get included even
> if only for ideological reasons (they are a "source" file for the
> "compiled" pngs). It would also make it easier for People Who
> Aren't Me to make edits to the icons later on.

* must be pngcrush'ed
* should be indexed colors (saves even more).


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