[vlc-devel] Where to contribute to French localization of VLC?

Christoph Miebach christoph.miebach at web.de
Thu Aug 20 11:34:24 CEST 2015


I wrote the transifex related information (at the transifex project as well as the parts on videolan.org).

You are right that the information is not up-to-date. At the time of writing, only some of the languages used transifex and I did not want to force anyone to change a working workflow. By now, every language (maybe 2 exceptions) uses transifex, making it the way to go.

And then again, we are already planning and preparing our move to weblate.

I don’t think, I’ll find the time to update all information, and I don’t think it’s really wrong as it is.

Transifex changes features and behaviour details, the risk of duplicate work does exist and is only avoided by communication within each language team.

The current state is:
I recommend using transifex to anyone, because it enables collaboration.
We point everyone to the transifex project and update the projects at release time.

And whether anyone uses transifex or not, they should coordinate with their own language group.

So, expect the next round on "how to help translating” when we set up weblate.

To sum up:
The one thing to change right now would be the
"We are only keeping the translations in here. If you like to help translating…”

But if I place a stronger statement here, I will confuse everyone when switching to weblate later.

Best regards


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