[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/2] tests: Do not use -static for hxxx on darwin

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Mar 16 14:52:41 CET 2017

On jeudi 16 mars 2017 12:20:35 EET Marvin Scholz wrote:
> ---
> I don't know why this was added or what it is for, but it causes the
> resulting binary not running due to failure loading libs, therefore
> causing a test failure.

info libtool

> If -static is actually important here and the failure is a result of a
> problem elsewhere, please let me know. This was just the easiest way I
> found to get the hxxx test binary running.
>  test/Makefile.am | 2 ++
>  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)
> diff --git a/test/Makefile.am b/test/Makefile.am
> index 8d4ae30..03dacc4 100644
> --- a/test/Makefile.am
> +++ b/test/Makefile.am
> @@ -124,7 +124,9 @@ test_src_interface_dialog_SOURCES =
> src/interface/dialog.c test_src_interface_dialog_LDADD = $(LIBVLCCORE)
>  test_modules_packetizer_hxxx_SOURCES = modules/packetizer/hxxx.c
>  test_modules_packetizer_hxxx_LDADD = $(LIBVLC)
>  test_modules_packetizer_hxxx_LDFLAGS = -no-install -static # WTF
> +endif
>  test_modules_keystore_SOURCES = modules/keystore/test.c
>  test_modules_keystore_LDADD = $(LIBVLCCORE) $(LIBVLC)
>  test_modules_tls_SOURCES = modules/misc/tls.c

Removing -no-install makes no sense: Those targets are not meant to be 
installed. In fact, -no-install should be set for all noinst_- and 
check_PROGRAMS targets (and obviously MUST NOT be used for any other PROGRAMS 

I am not sure if -static still carries any meaning, since libvlc and 
libvlccore are not built statically in any case. IIRC, in some versions of 
libtool, it is or was necessary to make -no-install actually work. But it 
might also be cargo cult. But maybe ask whomever wrote "# WTF" there??

So in any case, this does not look right.


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