[vlc-devel] OpenHMD branch?

Alexandre Janniaux ajanni at videolabs.io
Fri May 17 15:35:52 CEST 2019


On 2019-05-17 13:55, Lomax wrote:
> Hi Alexandre,
> Many thanks for this, very helpful! I did manage to build Adrien 
> Maglo's
> HMD-instancing branch before I saw your message, but your branch seems 
> a
> little more up to date; in particular it includes the Vulkan
> video_output module. I am able to run an example 360 stereo video 
> (after
> injecting the required meta data tags[1]) using the OpenGL output and 
> it
> looks stunning on the Rift, but performance is absolutely terrible - at
> full resolution VLC is unable to progress beyond the first frame and
> head movements are extremely jerky. Using a greatly scaled down video
> (1280x720) it does play, but at something like 0.2fps, and head
> movements are still far too jerky.

0.2fps on 360° videos ? Is it the theater or just 360° projection ?
If it's the theater, it's a known issue, lights currently have a huge 
on performances and the pending refactoring will help making it much 
However, O.2fps on 360° projection looks really weird to me, what is 
material ?

> I was curious to try the new "Vulkan" renderer so checked out your
> branch and managed to get this to build with Vulkan support (after yet
> more dependency wrangling) but when selecting this as video output the
> 3D transformations are no longer applied; I just get the two panoramic
> views one above the other, as I would when playing a video without the
> spatialmedia meta data. Switching back to OpenGL makes it work again,
> but at slideshow speeds. Clearly, I have underestimated the GPU grunt
> required to handle this and will need to get a much more powerful
> machine! Any pointers as to how high I should set the bar? I'm a bit
> rusty on the GPU charts...

The vulkan renderer doesn't implement the required transformation and
rendering method for this yet, even on master branch. It's mostly a
matter of refactoring stuff and integrating this in libplacebo.

I'm running 360° with integrated intel CPU or old NVidia card in
laptop. However I couldn't run the theater without a high-end graphic
card for now.

Alexandre Janniaux,

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