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Mon Mar 30 15:22:17 CEST 2020

On Sun, 2020-03-29 at 22:05 +0530, Prince Gupta wrote:
> Hello,This is Prince. I am interested in a project GUI improvement in
> VlC desktop clients for GSoC. 
> I wanted to discuss how this project should be implemented and what
> are the requirements, expectations and does the current maintainers
> have some prior design view on which should I work upon?
> Also about me, Recently I have worked on the open-source project
> QBittorrent[1], majorly on the GUI side particularly implemented
> theming support and others. I want to use that experience in this
> project and contribute my best. 
> I also worked with QML for my personals projects [2][3]. My other
> projects can be found [4]

Hi Prince,

I am not a member of the VLC dev team, but wanted to jump in here
regarding your interest in VLC GUI development.

Before anyone starts any work on Qt/MacOS GUI improvements, I just want
to raise awareness of a substantial chunk of work that I have already
undertaken in this area which has not been merged yet, which it would
be a good idea to build upon.

Some months ago I amassed a lot of work (some 600 odd commits;
including much GUI related, particularly in the area of preferences)
which I intended to submit for merging, but I ended up getting
distracted by other projects and so never got around to. A smallish
portion of the newest part of the work is somewhat incomplete (as is
very clearly the case towards the HEAD of the branch) and the set of
work as a whole needs rebasing having fallen behind master by around
2000 odd commits now I believe. I have been intending to sort it out,
finish things up and submit it all, but I have been too busy thus far.
(I was working on it full time at the time and there were already some
submitted commits awaiting merge which never actually got merged in the
end, which is why things just amassed without submission while I waited
for some movement, along with not having access myself to the official
repo of course); I was also awaiting VLC development migrating to
gitlab for the nicer submission & review interaction it offers, which
disappointingly so far is still not done).

I understand that any work you undertake will not start until June. I
will endeavour to try to get this work sorted out and submitted for
merging beforehand if I possibly can. If I fail to do so, I would
appreciate it if you could please try to build upon what I have already
done should the areas of interest to you overlap with what I was
working on. If it comes down to that, I will at least try to separate
out the complete stuff from the incomplete, and I will no doubt be
available by email to provide guidance. Ideally I'll get my stuff
submitted and merged well in advance of your work and you'll be able to
not worry about it at all. I do not wish to make things any more
difficult for you, but it would be a shame if you spent time redoing
what I have already done, wasted time trying to understand something
messy that I'd already tidied up, etc.

@vlc-dev-team, by all means take a look and start cherry-picking things
from it if you wish, it's all ultimately intended for submission to

You can find the work here: https://github.com/jnqnfe/vlc

Lyndon Brown
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