[vlc] Xvideo output of VLC

christin christin at atm.ee.nsysu.edu.tw
Wed Jan 21 10:47:05 CET 2009


   I happened a interesting case when I used VLC software.

   VLC jumps out a Window which is "Xvideo output" when i was transmiting video used 
    I am surprise! The Xvideo was playing the video which the ftp was transmiting.

   (The video was coded by H.264/svc and FTP built by UDP socket.)

   ( VLC media player 0.8.6d wxWidgets.)

   But ,the case is fortuitous. It is not every experiment will happen.
   Could you tell me how to let the "Xvideo output" play the Video which was 
transmiting every time?

    Thank you very much.


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