[vls-devel] vls doesn't stop sending... add on...

Heok Kee Oon oonheokkee78 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 24 16:25:53 CEST 2002

Hi again!

   Adding on to the previous mail, I've also realise
that my modified vls, when doing
m_cConverter.GetStatus() in
'src/modules/ps2ts/ps2ts.cpp', it never gets the value
-99, unless I stop or shutdown the program from the
telnet interface.

   Yup, that's a little bit more of what I found. Hope
to hear soon! :)

Oon, Heok Kee

   I'm using vls-0.3.3 stable version running on RH
   Few questions. Firstly, which function in which
file is responsible for reading and differentiating
the various frames (I, B and P) before splitting and
multiplexing them into a TS stream?

   Secondly, I've successfully switched out the UDP
transport layer and incorporated a new transport
layer protocol for the data transmission. However,
after the change (probably by accident) my modified
version DOESN'T STOP sending data to the client. This
is a list of files that I've modified:
   I've also done a simple comparison between my
modified version and the original. "m_bStop" for the
modified version is true in C_TsStreamer::StopWork()
only when I stop vls-transmission via the telnet
interface. But when running the original UDP version,
it sets "m_bStop" to true in the same function
immediately after the video-clip has ended.
   I've been trying to track what is it that I had
changed which might cause the problem. But what I
changed are only the socket-calls like accept(),
listen(), etc, and commented out the parts where
socket-options are set for broadcast and multicast.

   Hope someone can enlighten me on these. Thanks a

Oon, Heok Kee 

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